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We hope you take a moment to read about Lawn Care to better understand how to take care of it .


Cutting Height & Pattern

Cutting your lawn at a height of 3" during the summer typically prevents scalping, creates a shade cover to prevent weeds from growing, You may want to consider cutting your lawn at a height of 2" in the spring and fall to help prevent diseases from starting

Cutting Pattern should vary everytime you cut to encourage vertical growth of grass shoots. It also increases wear tolerance and minimizes soil compaction



This topic is talked about differently depending on who you talk to but the following information is from the State of Connecticut TURFGRASS MANUAL .

First, LAwn Clipping DO NOT contribute to the development of thatch, Clippings actulally recycle plant nutrients at the equivalent of at least one fertilizer applicationduring the growing season. Returning clippings also have shown to decrease the incidence of certain diseases. 

Clippings are comprised of 90% water

Grass Clippings should only be removed if there is excessive clumping.