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BeeSafe Organic Fertilizing

Why Organic ??? Why BeeSafe Organic ???


The cost of organics has been a major impediment in recent years and rightfully so. With a fifty pound bag of granular organic fertilizer selling in the $50 dollar range, many people shy away from even trying to implement a truly organic program. 

 A consumer in search of an organic lawn care program simply will not pay double or even triple what a typical chemical lawn care program costs.

The Bee Safe Organic Lawn Care Program has changed all of that. By using biologically active liquid concentrates you can implement a truly effective organic lawn care program at a cost that is only slightly higher than the chemical counterpart. 

 The Bee Safe program has come up with patented technology to help sources of nutrition, like Nitrogen be more readily available to turf. With a wide and varying consortium of microorganisms that are applied as part of the program throughout the course of the year, the Bee Safe line of products not only makes nutrition more readily available it improves the soil food web as well.

While each Property is diffent so each proprty has its own tailored program, but below is the general program base:


1. A growth activator to awaken the lawn in the spring.

2. A biologically enhanced spring fertilizer to build turf growth applied late in the spring.

3. A mid-season kelp spray.

4. A bio fertilizer applied in the summer to help the turf adjust to hotter temperatures.

5. A late summer organic compound to help with root development.

6. An end-of-season winterizing formula to protect against harsh temperatures

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